The Leonids meteor shower. (11.17.17)

The Leonids meteor shower hits it peak this weekend. It might be a good show, if you can find some clear skies, and it's not too cold.

Challenging a chess grandmaster. (11.17.17)

Set some goals and see if you can pull off the kind of self-improvement that this speed learner managed. (Spoiler: He didn't beat the grandmaster. But I think the other odd things he did during his year of self-improvement projects are kind of amazing.)

Audio Club — Thursday, Nov. 16, 8:00 p.m., Coover 2011. (11.15.17)

More building — we are going to try the Altoids amp. A number of past Audio club members have done this one — it is relatively easy, it's fun, and it works! If you would like to try building it tomorrow, please send me a note (email, slack, or yell at me from across campus) to let me know — I need a rough count so that I bring enough parts. The parts cost about $9 — I'll give a detailed BOM at the meeting — so you will need to pay me that amount at the meeting or before. You will also need an empty Altoids tin — you can eat the candy yourself or force feed it to your roommate — and two 9-volt batteries. I'll provide the rest. There are no worries if you can't join in tomorrow — I'll have extra kits around, and you can try the project later at your convenience.

Drumline at the ISU band extravaganza. (11.13.17)

Steve Warren, who is in EE 333 this semester, designed and built the LED circuits that flash in the bass drum and the quads. It was one of his class projects. Pretty cool. (Steve plays the sousaphone in the band — he needs to get some lights on that thing.)

Cheap Inexpensive signal generators. (11.12.17)

Here is a list of some affordable signal generators, if you are looking to add to your home laboratory.

Wendell Sander. (11.12.17)

A Daily article about an ISU EE grad who moved to Silicon Valley and made a career there. He was Apple employee #16. Also mentioned in the article is eminent alum Thomas Whitney.

Comedy wildlife comedy award finalists. (11.11.17)

AC analysis or PCB projects getting you down? Maybe these will help lighten your mood...for a minute or two.

3 = 160,000,000. (11.10.17)

There is no way that this is a good thing.

No Audio/Arduino Club this week. (11.9.17)

The EE 201 exam is imminent, and people should be freaking out about that, rather than goofing around with audio circuits. Plus, there is a talk on campus that I would like attend, if I can make it. There will be audio club next week, when we will try building the Altoids amp.

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