Sziklai transistors. (9.15.17)

Basically, a Darlington pair made using a pnp with an npn. It could be useful.

Good-bye, Cassini. (9.14.17)

The Cassini Spacecraft is making its final orbits before crashing into the atmosphere of Saturn on Friday. It was an amazingly successful scientific expedition. Here are 100 awesome Cassini photographs taken over the years.

Audio Club tonight. (9.14.17)

8:00 p.m. in Coover 2011. A bit of introduction to the club. Some talk about digital and analog storage media. And maybe some music — probably Portugal. The Man.

Lixie Tubes. (9.14.17)

These look like fun. Maybe we will have to try them as a club project. (Although they are a bit expensive. And apparently out of stock at the moment.)

Getting out of our bubbles. (9.14.17)

I think this is a good idea. Instead of dashing off to our hipster-y enclaves on the coasts or just sitting in our red-state domiciles watching Fox News, it would be good for everyone to spend some time with people from other "walks of life". The first thing that we would probably learn is that we really aren't all that different. With a bit of understanding and a little effort, we might get past the silly divisions that keep us yammering at each other. Travel helps in this regard, and I'm definitely in favor of that, but a "year of service" where everyone is put together to work toward some common and worthy goal might go a long way towards fostering some more tolerance in our fractured society. Sadly, anything like this is very unlikely to happen.

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